Business Practices

S2E11: Every Coach Needs a Coach with James Malinchak

We are excited to bring you this encore episode of James Malinchak that originally aired on Oct 8, 2020.   As the discussion about purpose driven businesses continues, we thought that this was an opportune time to re-release this episode.  James shares his wealth of knowledge including why mentors need mentors, understanding the business side of…

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S2E05: The Six Key Components to Get the Most Out of Your Business

In this week’s episode, Matthew considers the six areas that most small business owners find to be challenging on that road to success.  Listen as he discusses developing processes, monitoring your data, delegating tasks that others may be better suited for, and much, much more. About the Host: Matthew Cox spent his elementary and middle…

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S2E02: How Covid-19 Has Impacted the Way Medical Providers are Doing Business with Dr. James and Dr. Dante

It has been over a year since Covid-19 has changed the way many businesses operate and one of the most important ones that were impacted was the medical field. Matthew is joined by two members of the medical profession as well as fellow podcasters, Dr. Dante M. Paredes and Dr. James Aston.   Today, Matthew, Dr….

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