Purpose Driven Person Show.

In the Purpose Driven Person Show Mathew Interview Leaders and Medical Experts and really finds out what it means to be a purpose driven leader and how to stay connected, motivated, collaborate and achieve your highest purpose!


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Episode 44: How to Deal with Criticism

Criticism even when given as constructive feedback is not always well received.  Your vision is not always going to align with somebody else’s, and it is part of the human condition to give.  Matthew takes us through understanding criticism and some suggestions on how...

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Episode 43: Self-Care

Too often we find it easy to focus on the care of others, but we also need to be there for ourselves.  In this week’s episode Matthew focuses on the importance of self-care, and how it is quite different for each of us.  Find...

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Episode 42: Judgement

It is easy to make judgements on people, whether it is something we see or something we hear.  We have to realize that those judgements are usually based on a limited amount of information.  When we make comments, our words can hurt especially if...

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Episode 41: Self-Doubt

In this week’s episode, Matthew talks about the how self-doubt can keep you stuck and keep you from exploring your full potential.  Matthews gives you some tips on how to start your journey on the path of learning about yourself: who you are, and...

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Episode 40: Fear

Matthew continues his conversation about change focusing this week on the fear that keeps you from either making or accepting change. Listen as he addresses both the physiological and psychological effects of fear as well as some techniques to help you overcome it and...

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Episode 39: Why Is Change So Challenging?

In the first of a series of conversations, Matthew is going to talk about why change can be so challenging. Most New Year’s resolutions fail but he is here to discuss the qualities and skills you need to incorporate to help you be successful...

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