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In the Purpose Driven Person Show Mathew Interview Leaders and Medical Experts and really finds out what it means to be a purpose driven leader and how to stay connected, motivated, collaborate and achieve your highest purpose!


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Ep 25: Treating the Whole Person with Osteopathic Physician, Dr. James Aston

Dr. James Aston discovered his purpose when he took the leap from car salesman to entering medical school.   A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, he subspecialized in family medicine and performing arts medicine.  Listen as Mathew and Dr. Aston discuss working with the bio-psychosocial model...

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Ep 24: Overcoming Limitations and “Learning Outside the Lines” with Jonathan Mooney

Jonathan Mooney had a point to make.  As a person living with dyslexia and ADHD, he was told that he would not amount to much, but he proved them wrong.  Now a writer and speaker, Jonathan shares his experiences and empowers others to learn...

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Ep 23: Dream New Dreams: Inspiring Parents of Special Needs Children with Stanley Klein, PH.D.

This episode of the Purpose Driven Person originally aired on Matthew’s Las Vegas Radio Show, The Never Give Up Show. Stanley Klein, PHD is expert on teaching health-care professionals about working with parents of children with disabilities, with a focus on the challenge of...

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Ep 22: Butterflies and Second Chances with Annette Hines

Annette Hines is a mom to two beautiful girls, an author of Butterflies and Second Chances, a podcaster, and a special needs attorney and advocate.  Her deep personal understanding of special needs fuels her passion for quality special needs planning and drives her dedication...

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Ep 21: Living Life For A Living with Tamia Dow

Not only is Tania Dow an ordained minister and a retired Domestic Violence Detective, she is also award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, director, and an award-winning bestselling author.   Tamia continues to give back to the community she serves by conducting educational trainings.  Her heart virtues are...

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Ep 20: Exploring ADHD with Dr. Russell Barkley

This episode of the Purpose Driven Person originally aired on Matthew’s Las Vegas Radio Show, The Never Give Up Show. In this episode, Matthew sits down with Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., an internationally recognized authority on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) in...

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