In this episode Matthew Cox, Host of the Purpose Driven Person takes us down the journey of why he started this show. He says its not about finding your purpose, we her that alot but its about building your purpose. Once you discover what you’re good at, once you discover what your super power is, if you want to say super power or your skill set, it could be you’re really good at selling or you’re really good about making things or you’re just really good at business.

Are you a great CEO and you love taking charge, the lead and taking a company to its goals. Whatever it may be is you’re finding your purpose, you’re building this purpose, here’s your living on purpose.

What Mathew has found over the years in his career working with CEOs and leaders and athletes is that they would find their purpose and they’d grind and at the end of their careers or at the end of building whatever they built, they would find out that there was more beyond.

Making the connection beyond what you think is important because a career is just a career. A job is just a job, but taking the ability to change humanity or giving something back is the most important and that’s the reason for this podcast. He wants to give something to you that he’s learned over his journey of becoming a purpose driven person, but with BALANCE!!!!