Ep 43: Self-Care

Too often we find it easy to focus on the care of others, but we also need to be there for ourselves.  In this week’s episode Matthew focuses on the importance of self-care, and how it is quite different for each of us.  Find out how your personality color influences your approach to finding your…

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Ep 29: Stop Trying to Be Perfect. Be Yourself!

We are all faced with the pressure outside of us, be it from our friends, our work, our community, or the society in general.   This causes many of us to hide who we truly are and put on various masks, whether it is being the high performer, the perfectionist, the conformist, the criticizer, or the…

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Ep 13: Self-care and Self-awareness with Dr. Eva Selhub

About the Guest: Dr. Eva Selhub is an internationally recognized resiliency expert, physician, author, speaker, scientist, and consultant. Dr. Eva engages her clients and her audiences with her powerful energy, words of wisdom, and scientific knowledge to activate the five pillars of resilience–physical, mental, spiritual, relationship, and team– to achieve optimal resilience, success, health, and…

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