Ep 12: I Learned How to Run a Nonprofit in 2 Weeks with Aaron Manfredi

On this week’s episode, Matthew and Aaron talk about the Nonprofit world in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aaron also discusses his upcoming show that will give a space for Nonprofits to discuss the good they are doing and more. Aaron is passionate about the Nonprofit world and seeks to help others get their start. About My…

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Ep 11: Purpose Driven Recovery with Jared Miller

About My Guest: Hello my name is Jared Miller, I was raised in Davis county Utah by two amazing parents. I got a great start in life spending two years as a student athlete at Snow College, followed by graduating from Weber State University at the age of 22. By the age of 24 I…

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Ep 01: The Purpose Drive Person

In this episode Matthew Cox, Host of the Purpose Driven Person takes us down the journey of why he started this show. He says its not about finding your purpose, we her that alot but its about building your purpose. Once you discover what you’re good at, once you discover what your super power is,…

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