S2E03: What Is the Best Business to Start in 2021?

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Do you wonder where to begin? What qualities should you have as a leader?  Today Matthew discusses the fluctuating economy and how it is impacting what people are doing in order to earn their living.  Matthew takes a look at the 10 top business opportunities that are identified…

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Ep 30: Coronavirus and Couple Communication

As a couple, the longer we are together we learn one of two things when having difficulty communicating; we either solve issues together or we learn to fight well and run away.  This was true even before the coronavirus and with the onset of that, the second option became harder to do.  Now more than…

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Ep 06: Shining a Light on Mental Illness

On this week’s episode of Purpose Driven Person, Mathew is joined by psychiatrist, author, and filmmaker, Dr. Stephen Seager.  Join them as they discuss Dr. Seager’s journey to becoming a psychiatrist and working in a state hospital for the criminally insane.  Listen as he shares about his forays into writing and movie making, all to…

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