S2E07: What Kind of Leader Are You?

The type of leader that you are, influences the impact you have on successfully motivating others, which can make or break your company.  Today, Matthew discusses the different types of leaders, the skills they display, and the challenges they may face with their style.  About the Host: Matthew Cox spent his elementary and middle school…

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S2E03: What Is the Best Business to Start in 2021?

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Do you wonder where to begin? What qualities should you have as a leader?  Today Matthew discusses the fluctuating economy and how it is impacting what people are doing in order to earn their living.  Matthew takes a look at the 10 top business opportunities that are identified…

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Ep 44: How to Deal with Criticism

Criticism even when given as constructive feedback is not always well received.  Your vision is not always going to align with somebody else’s, and it is part of the human condition to give.  Matthew takes us through understanding criticism and some suggestions on how to deal it when it happens to you. This episode was…

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