Purpose Driven Person Show.

In the Purpose Driven Person Show Mathew Interview Leaders and Medical Experts and really finds out what it means to be a purpose driven leader and how to stay connected, motivated, collaborate and achieve your highest purpose!


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Ep 40: Fear

Matthew continues his conversation about change focusing this week on the fear that keeps you from either making or accepting change. Listen as he addresses both the physiological and psychological effects of fear as well as some techniques to help you overcome it and...

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Ep 39: Why Is Change So Challenging?

In the first of a series of conversations, Matthew is going to talk about why change can be so challenging. Most New Year’s resolutions fail but he is here to discuss the qualities and skills you need to incorporate to help you be successful...

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Ep 38: Getting Through 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. There has been an increase of depression and anxiety even in those of that normally do not feel this way.  Matthew shares his own strategies that helped him navigate through 2020 while reducing the emotional impact...

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Ep 37: 10 Ways to Overcome the Holiday Stress

This episode originally aired on Mathew’s radio show, the Never Give Up Show. In today’s episode, Mathew discusses the stresses of the holidays and gives some great tips and tricks to overcome the stress of the year, including setting emotional boundaries, creating new traditions...

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Ep 36: Family Communication – Forget the Why and Focus on the What with Dr. Franz

This episode originally aired on Mathew’s radio show, the Never Give Up Show. Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr Franz joins Mathew on this week’s episode.  Together they explore children’s behaviors and how to get them to listen to us.   Listen as they talk about...

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Ep 35: Workplace Communication – Adding Value Behind the Words We Use

This episode originally aired on Mathew’s radio show, the Never Give Up Show. In this week’s episode, Matthew tackles communication in the workplace.  Mathew takes the topic a step further and discusses Value based communication.  Listen as he discusses management styles, how communication works,...

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