Purpose Driven Person Show.

In the Purpose Driven Person Show Mathew Interview Leaders and Medical Experts and really finds out what it means to be a purpose driven leader and how to stay connected, motivated, collaborate and achieve your highest purpose!


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S2E08: Family Strong – Facing the Challenges of 2021

Family is the reason we run businesses. No matter what your family structure looks like, we do it for them.  2021 has impacted the family significantly and it is not through yet.  Matthew discusses these challenges and the strategies we can start taking in...

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S2E07: What Kind of Leader Are You?

The type of leader that you are, influences the impact you have on successfully motivating others, which can make or break your company.  Today, Matthew discusses the different types of leaders, the skills they display, and the challenges they may face with their style. ...

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S2E06: How to Define Your Purpose

As we continue to talk about businesses we also have to focus on the leadership and finding your purpose.   It is not always easy to do so and once you find it, you have to know what to do with it.  Matthew discusses finding...

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S2E05: The Six Key Components to Get the Most Out of Your Business

In this week’s episode, Matthew considers the six areas that most small business owners find to be challenging on that road to success.  Listen as he discusses developing processes, monitoring your data, delegating tasks that others may be better suited for, and much, much...

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S2E04: Why Should I GO Back to WORK?

Matthew is back to continue the conversation about today’s business world.  From free capitalism to high unemployment rates because people are not wanting to go back to work to robotics in the workplace, Matthew explores the trends that are happening for businesses in 2021....

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S2E03: What Is the Best Business to Start in 2021?

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Do you wonder where to begin? What qualities should you have as a leader?  Today Matthew discusses the fluctuating economy and how it is impacting what people are doing in order to earn their living.  Matthew takes...

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