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S2E06: How to Define Your Purpose

As we continue to talk about businesses we also have to focus on the leadership and finding your purpose....

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S2E05: The Six Key Components to Get the Most Out of Your Business

In this week’s episode, Matthew considers the six areas that most small business owners find to be challenging on...

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S2E04: Why Should I GO Back to WORK?

Matthew is back to continue the conversation about today’s business world.  From free capitalism to high unemployment rates because...

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S2E03: What Is the Best Business to Start in 2021?

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Do you wonder where to begin? What qualities should you have as...

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Ep 44: How to Deal with Criticism

Criticism even when given as constructive feedback is not always well received.  Your vision is not always going to...

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Ep 43: Self-Care