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Matthew Cox

Ep 05: Showing Your True Colors™

Don Lowry, Founder of True Colors™, it today’s special guest.   In this week’s episode, Mathew and Don explore temperament theory, how Don introduced the different types of personalities to the stage and how True Colors™ can help people at home during this time of the pandemic. About the Guest: Don Lowry is the founder of…

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Ep 04: Elegantly Balanced

Stephanie Hui is licensed Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, one of the fastest growing occupations.  Join Mathew and Stephanie as they delve into addictions, overcoming stigmas, and hitting that “wall” that could lead to making the wrong choices when dealing with emotions such as anxiety. About the Guest: As a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counseling, with…

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Ep 03: Toxic and Difficult to Love Personalities

Dr. John Lund has his Masters in Interactional Analysis, which leads us to today’s topic: interpersonal communication.  Listen as they discuss learning how to deal with the negative in a relationship, communicating your expectations and discovering the love languages. Dr. John L. Lund is an interesting mix of a serious academic with a unique sense…

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Ep 02: The Vegas Therapist

Ryan Wynder is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Matthew sits down with him on todays episode. Find out what Ryan’s driving force is to be a therapist, finding and maintaining purpose in reading, and confronting fears and anxiety. About the Guest: Ryan Wynder, MS, MFT is originally from Alberta, Canada. After completing his Bachelor’s…

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Ep 01: The Purpose Drive Person

In this episode Matthew Cox, Host of the Purpose Driven Person takes us down the journey of why he started this show. He says its not about finding your purpose, we her that alot but its about building your purpose. Once you discover what you’re good at, once you discover what your super power is,…

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